Amish Country Essentials product line grows!

     Amish Country Essentials initially started making all natural handmade soap and quickly found the demand for all natural products to be larger than expected.  They met this calling with all natural lotions, bath salt’s, and lip balms.  “We believe that with the all natural product line we offer along with the quality of the organic products we use will leave our customers wanting more”, said Tracy Cultice.  Amish Country Essentials offers fifteen bars of soap that are all different, eight all natural lotions for your entire body, five different all natural bath salts to pamper your skin and four different natural lip balms.  The newest creation to hit the market is the “Lemon Verbena”  a great soap that smells fresh and clean.  Amish Country Essentials offer several other made in america products that are now available at their retail location.  Two of the newest products are natural syrups made in here in Holmes County and Hay Canvass gift totes made in Amish Country as well. 

Amish Country Essentials
Amish Country Essentials

     Amish Country Essentials offers premier all natural handmade skin care products.  You can find them at


One thought on “Amish Country Essentials product line grows!”

  1. I purchased a bottle of the Beachnut lotion last Saturday and I am kicking myself for not getting the larger bottle…I love it. The scent is amazing, everyone loves it and it feels great on your skin! Thanks for making a great product and I plan on ordering more 😉

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